More New York Stories

Okay, I am working my way backwards to review our trip to New York. On Tuesday, we went to the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side. Although our feet were killing us from hiking all over Manhattan and some of Brooklyn over the span of just a few days, we did find time for a little culture.

The exhibition I enjoyed the most was their permanent collection of Dinosaur fossils which prompted me to wonder “Why the hell did these bad-ass creatures become extinct?”.

Prior to the museum, we checked into our hotel “On the Ave” on Broadway and 77th. It was a trendy, boutique-style hotel complete with flat-screen HDTV mounted to the wall. Pretty cool place but for the price we paid, they could have had more amenities/toiletries and some friendlier staff.

We started the morning walking through Times Square. Is there a louder, gaudier, smellier, more-touristy part of town than this? I think not. I pity the Red-Staters who visit Manhattan to feast at the Red Lobster or Bubba Gump Shrimp chain restaurants and think they are dining in the Big Apple.

After Times Square, we took a leisurely stroll through Rockefeller Center and took in the shops on Fifth Avenue.


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