Grumpy Old Men

What’s with the jerk-offs running used bookstores in our neighborhood? Who are these guys and why are they so unhelpful and rude? Okay, so maybe not all of them are this way but so far we are two for two with bad experiences with these guys.

Yesterday, we stopped in a used bookstore to find out what their policy is for buying used books. Seems like a legitimate question, no? Instead of politely answering the question directly, it was more like “Well, what books do you have?” As we proceeded to answer, we were met with indignation and rudeness.

I mean, do you want our business? One would think that a sole proprietor of a dumpy bookstore would go out of his way, what with Amazon, B&N, and Borders at one’s fingertips. All we wanted to know was what types of used books you buy. Instead, you don’t directly answer our question, direct us to other used bookstores, and scoff when we ask if you buy back “university textbooks”. How dare we assume you might do that after saying you purchase “University Press” books.

Grumpy old used bookstore guys, you are a bunch of dicks.


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