My Favorite Things #7

For a while, we used to do breakfast at the diner across the street – Stella’s. And here’s a bit of trivia, before it was remodeled and renamed Stella’s, I’m pretty sure it was just called Lakeview Diner. How generic.

In any event, the eggs were runny, the coffee tasted like ass, and the bacon was undercooked. Sometime along the way, we came to our senses and started doing breakfasts at The Bagel.

I always got the same thing – two eggs, sunny side up, bacon, hash browns and wheat toast. It never disappointed, I must say. The bacon was crisp and flavorful. The hash browns tasty. And they brought out the food in record time. It’s as if they could read our minds. Even the eccentric waiter who always asks “Coffee? Coffee?” seems endearing now that we are leaving the hood.

Once in a while, if I came home late from work or class and was starving, I would stop by and would get a cheeseburger to go. They did that right too. The only thing they did wrong – that bowl of pickles they bring out around lunch time for each table. Who eats those things? And if no one does, do they recycle them?

Oh well. All I know is that I will miss those breakfasts at The Bagel.


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