Maybe Red Panda Will Be Our Friend

Yesterday was unusually warm so we took advantage by running some errands and getting to know the new neighborhood.

We got our library cards at The Brooklyn Public Library, which appears to have lots of cool events from classes to film series to lectures.

Next, we took a stroll in Prospect Park and ended up taking in the sites at The Prospect Park Zoo. Our favorite animal was without a doubt The Red Panda (pictured here). Rounding out the countdown: 2)Porcupine; 3)Meer Cat; and 4)Sea Lions. Better luck next year, Sea Lions…

Well, we thought we were going to be smart and cut across the park to get back to our B&B but man, this is one big park! Yes, we got lost…sort of….and long story short, it took a while to get back. On the plus side, we did see lots of cool things in the park and got to enjoy a beautiful day.

Lunchtime provided a chance to try another new place and we ventured to the Chip Shop, voted Best Fish and Chips by Time Out New York and The Village Voice. We had – you guessed it – Fish and Chips. Okay, I had the Battered Cod and Chips and my wife had the Fish sandwich. I washed it down with a pint Boddingtons. We really enjoyed it.

Later that evening we checked out Sottovoce for an Italian dinner. It was a pleasant experience overall (and come to think of it, we haven’t had a bad meal yet here). The rundown – my wife had the Penne Pomodoro and I had the Fettuccine con Pollo e Funghi. Translation – Fettucini with Chicken and Mushrooms. The service was very attentive and prompt and the food was well-prepared and satisfying. The only disappointment was that they were all out of the Homemade Apple Pie served with Cinnamon Gelato. Thankfully, we had a backup plan in selecting the Pear Tart served with Hazel Nut Gelato. Grazie, Sottovoce.


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