Hey, It’s Good Enough for Jennifer Connelly

Some immediate observations of the new ‘hood – and perhaps it’s tainted now by all the research I’ve done on it, the glowing reviews by people I know who once lived here, or the romantic visions I created in my head due to Noah Baumbach films (just as Woody Allen had the same effect for me with Manhattan) – but it does appear to reflect some of the things I had read, heard, seen….

There is definitely a strong liberal vibe – from the rainbow-colored “Say No to the Bush Agenda” signs posted in a few brownstone windows to the plethora of ads I saw in the local papers for yoga, alternative medicine, and holistic pet boutiques!

There’s also more than one organic grocery store and places like Postmark, a coffee shop whose profits are returned to the community and trendy boutiques like 3RLiving which has lots of eco-friendly home and lifestyle products. There are the coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants with fare that reflects the varied backgrounds of the neighborhood’s residents and the world, for that matter. There are lots of schools, lots of churches and yes, lots of kids and strollers, which can be alternately endearing or annoying depending on the parents or kids.

There are artists, writers, actors, grad students, and even a share of celebs from Jennifer Connelly to good ole Steve Buscemi. There are yuppies. And there is crime. It is the big city, after all.

There is culture, from the Brooklyn Public Library to the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the events at the local Barnes and Noble. And there definitely is a sense of community. We’ll see how things go….


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