Yeah, You Know You’re Curious

UPDATED: I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Got the “Knot” tip from a friend. You know who you are and apparently, now you know who I am on the ‘Net (she whose name rhymes with “Latey Night”!). But how do I feel about now having a readership of 4? I don’t know. As for the “MySpace” tip – props to my wife.
Ever wonder what happened to some of your classmates?

Yeah, you’ve googled them but those searches came up empty.

Check out There’s a chance you might come across the page of someone you know. Use the “Classmate Finder” and you can search by School and Year of Graduation.

And for those of you really looking to kill time and display stalker-like capabilities, you can always search TheKnot to see if anyone you know has set up a wedding page.



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