Restaurant Rundown

Catching up on the restaurants we’ve been to recently….

A couple weeks back we made our way to Atlantic Grill on the Upper East Side. The seafood was solid – we started with the Dragon Roll and Maryland Crab Cakes. The Dragon Roll was serviceable but Crab Cakes were outstanding. Solid job on our entrees too – Crab Crusted Wild Striped Bass and the Horseradish Crusted Organic Salmon. But the showstopper was dessert….the Carmelized Banana Ice Cream Tower (in hazelnut shell with toasted marshmallow sauce). Unbelievable.

Next up was Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope (pictured to right). Serving contemporary American cuisine, this neighborhood restaurant had a warm ambience and was both casual yet refined. We liked the simple menu- my wife had the veggie pot pie and I had a Stone Park Cafe Burger. The meal was not phenomenal but we had absolutely no complaints about the food and the service was attentive. All in all, a nice time.

Finally, we headed to Tempo in The Slope for the big 30th b-day. Definitely one of the best meals I’ve had since I’ve been here. We started with the Serrano Ham Croquettas and the Special appetizer – the Buratta, which apparently is just a fancy type of Mozzarella cheese. But hey, the waiter sold us on the fact that it was fresh and just arrived from Italy “an hour ago”. I don’t know if I buy that, but it sure as hell was good. We both got the Special Entree – Arctic Char (apparently it’s just fish) which too was tasty. A great meal all around.


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