Celebrity Sighting Update

We’ve lived in NYC for a little over three months at this point and I can’t say that I’ve seen a lot of celebs.

Living in The Slope, apparently we’ve got Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly but I haven’t seen either of them since I moved here. I did see Steve Buscemi back in September ’05 when my wife and I were scouting out potential neighborhoods to live in.

Since we moved to NYC, I’ve seen Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down) around the Union Square area and more recently, figure skating legend Brian Boitano at Metrazur in Grand Central Station.

Needless to say, pretty weak celeb sightings until today….all around Hudson and 11th, we saw three in a span of a couple hours – first, Philip Seymour Hoffman; next, as we had afternoon drinks at Dublin, we saw Michelle Rodriguez (of Lost fame) walking down Hudson and SuChin Pak (of MTV News). Clearly, Hoffman is the biggest star we’ve seen for those keeping score at home. Maybe I should post these sightings on Gawker Stalker?


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