Lord of the Rolls: A Quest for Decent Sushi

We used to have a place that we loved back in Chicago (See November 2005 Archive) called Nohana.

It’s been about 4 months that we’ve been Brooklynites but no sushi place has captured our hearts quite like Nohana did.

Last weekend, we tried Geido on Flatbush Ave. It seemed promising at first, but the miso soup was too salty, the tempura string beans so-so, the gyoza alright and the sushi subpar.

Midweek, I found myself in the West Village for a co-workers’ going away party at Sushi Samba. Sure, the food was tasty but there was too much going on and too much family style dining with our group that it wasn’t the sushi experience I was necessarily seeking.

Last night, we tried Oshima on 7th Ave in Park Slope. The ambience was nice, service attentive, and the food quality – from the miso soup to the coconut shrimp tempura to the rolls – California, Tuna, and Papaya. Did we just find a new favorite mid-tier sushi place to call home?


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