Settling Back In

What a week it’s been. It doesn’t even feel like we were away on vacation as this felt like the longest week ever. I long for the humidity free days on the beach and gambling in the evenings (as pictured on the right from our recent vacation).

Spent lots of time with a friend who’s moving back to Denver, CO for a temporary stint. Sad to see another friend leave NYC when in many ways I feel like I just got here….

Earlier in the week, we checked out Via Emilia in Union Square for a simple but tasty Italian dinner. On Friday, headed to Long Island City, Queens for a friend’s party and Saturday we were back in the Union Square area having drinks with friends at Pete’s Tavern, which apparently is the tavern O. Henry made famous. Afterwards, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. I thought it was alright but did not enjoy it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Today, we mostly hid from the heat, although we could not escape from the heat trapped in our apartment. Damn old brownstone. We did make it out to dinner at Blue Ribbon in Park Slope, where we finally saw local celebs Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly (and their kid) dining out. It’s about time! We’ve only been here 6 months and hadn’t seen them until today.

Now we just have to beat the damn heat this week. Ugh….Bring on autumn.


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