What A Wonderful World

It’s an old story by now but have to comment on Mel Gibson’s recent arrest and anti-semitic tirade….ironic how the most self-righteous ones end up being the biggest hypocrites and sinners of them all (also see George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’ Reilly, etc.). I was glad to see this guy exposed for what he is – a no talent, wack-job, anti-Semite.

In other recent news, a tip of the hat (a nod to Stephen Colbert) to the Brits for foiling the terrorist plot and a wag of the finger (another Colbert reference) to U.S. Homeland Security for once again displaying behavior that is completely reactive as opposed to being proactive. First of all, it’s time to focus on what these psycho extremists plan on doing next instead of the illogical and irrational banning of everyday items that we know don’t contain dangerous gels or liquids. I saw another site that pointed out that airport security was pouring out these liquids into a mesh garbage can. If it was so dangerous, why would they do that in the middle of a busy airport terminal and why would they pour it into a mesh container? Obviously it doesn’t pose any serious threat and we are left with a ridiculous exercise that must have the terrorists laughing.


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