Anniversary Dinner

The blogging output has been reduced to a trickle as Fall descends upon me and the demands of work, school, life, and of course, the new Fall TV lineup occupy my time. However, we did get a chance to celebrate our three-year wedding anniversary the other day with dinner at Jean Georges (Columbus Circle/West 6oth).

We’ve been to other exceptional dining establishments like Georges at the Cove (La Jolla, CA) and Charlie Trotter’s (Chicago, IL) and Jean Georges is right up there (if not better) in terms of service, quality, presentation and overall experience.

They did not give us a menu to take home but here’s the rundown as best as we can recall – we opted for the classic seven-course “tasting menu”:

  • Opened with plate of sashimi in jalapeno puree, crab spring roll and potato soup
  • Course #1 – Caviar lined around eggshell – with vodka infused partially scrambled egg inside the eggshell (I’m not doing it justice with this description but it was good)
  • Course #2 – Scallops with braised cauliflower
  • Course #3 – Garlic soup with frogs legs on the side (encouraged us to use fingers when eating frogs legs, then brought out a bowl for us to wash our hands)
  • Course #4 – Fish in butter sauce
  • Course #5 – Lobster on some type of crostini in tomato broth and sugar peas
  • Course #6 – Squab with candied lemon, potato cake with foie gras, onion puree, and curry cinnamon sauce
  • Course #7 – We chose from 4 “themed” desserts and selected “Fig” – 4 interpretations of fig including – 1)Fig Tart; 2)Open faced fig ravioli with cantaloupe; 3)Grilled figs with sangria sorbet; 4)Fig tempura
  • Bonus Dessert for our Anniversary – Blueberry tart and fresh mint ice cream with chocolate cookie crumble – “Happy Anniversary” written on marzipan
  • Even more bonus desserts – homemade marshallows (vanilla, grapefruit and coffee flavors), candied fruit, macaroons, and chocolate

All in all, one of the best meals we’ve had and we’ve got the credit card debt to prove it.


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