Slope Dining

It was a long week, so we unwound on Friday night with a nice meal at Rose Water (6th/Union). We’ve been there about 4 times and it has been consistently good (quality, service, atmosphere) although we did have some annoying diners next to us who were on their cell phones!

I had a foie gras special to start that was served with cranberries and peanut brittle. I’m not even exactly sure what I ate but it was good and tasted fresh. Maybe because it is Greenmarket Restaurant Week! As for my entree, I had a roasted chicken served with fresh veggies (lima beans, carrots, etc.) and washed it down with a Brooklyn Pilsner.

Yesterday, meanwhile, we finally made our way to Belleville (5th ave/5th st.), a brasserie where we grabbed some brunch. I had the eggs benedict (served with salad and home fries) and a cup of coffee. It was good, not great, but we’ll definitely be interested in coming back to check out their dinner and try the steak frites and escargot.


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