Knicks, Cheesesteaks and Pita Pan

The only place the Knicks will win is in video games as evidenced by the Bobcats/Knicks game that I went to on Friday night.

Thankfully, the tickets were free and I had a chance to enjoy the Garden environs with a friend, chow down on a burger and have a beer. If it weren’t for the in-game entertainment (the kids playing b-ball between quarters, the Knicks city dancers, and yes, those thunderstix), it would have been a lot less fun. No good celeb sightings either – Penny Marshall (from Laverne and Shirley) and old Knick Johnny Newman were in the house.

Yesterday, we checked out High Stakes Cheesesteaks in our ‘hood and it was a nice surprise. Good food, clean restaurant and close to the Bergen Street stop. Do I see more cheesesteaks in my future? Yes, just what the doctor ordered.

Earlier in the week, we also tried Pita Pan finally and it’s not a bad place for low-priced Mediterranean, though I don’t see us making the trek down Seventh Ave. for it too often.


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