Last night, we checked out a new addition to the Park Slope dining scene – Chiles & Chocolate.

We were excited to try it as it had a great location on 7th Ave. (close to us), nice-looking decor, good marketing and a unique offering – authentic Oaxacan cooking.

The menu looked good, so we headed there and brought a bottle of wine (it’s B.Y.O.B.). Right off the bat, there were a few things they didn’t have that were on the menu. I ordered the pato cacahuete y chocolate but was told later they didn’t have duck. Undaunted, I gave them a pass since they’ve only been open for a couple weeks. Instead, I went with the Mole Negro with chicken breast and my wife tried the Mexi Mahi Mahi. The entrees were fine but not spectacular – the Mahi Mahi too spicy and the Mole Negro not as flavorful as expected. We also started out with the Quesadillas Antiquas but the chicken inside was cold and the quesadillas were not served with any salsa.

All in all, we wanted Chiles and Chocolate to be better than it was. And maybe they need to work some kinks out, but it’s hard to be forgiving when there are tons of other restaurants you can spend your money on.


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