Lemonheads at Southpaw

Last night we finally got to Southpaw to catch a show – Vietnam and The Lemonheads.

We started the evening at nearby Union Hall for the “triple threat”, flatbread and drinks. We then made our way to Southpaw by 9. Of course, the opening act did not start playing until 10:30! In a word – ridiculous. We’re way too old to be standing around for three hours in a crowded club. Tired and full, two of my companions left but I stayed on to see the main act.

Dando and crew did not disappoint – breezing through the set but playing many crowd favorites – “Confetti”, “Rudderless”, “My Drug Buddy”, “Turnpike Down”, “Bit Part”, “Allison’s Starting to Happen”, “It’s About Time”, “Great Big No”, “Down About It”, “If I Could Talk I’d Tell You”, “Hospital”, and closing the encore with “It’s A Shame About Ray”. There was little banter from the band except for the occasional “Thank You. You’re too kind” from Dando and “Thank You Brooklyn”.

A good performance from the Lemonheads but “It’s A Shame” it took them so long to take the stage!

Check out YouTube here for my favorite Lemonheads song “My Drug Buddy”


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