Au Revoir Simone at Union Hall

Last Tuesday night I met up with a friend at Union Hall to see Au Revoir Simone.

I purchased the tickets a while back but of course was second-guessing the purchase as I sat at the bar waiting for my friend to arrive. Not because I don’t like Union Hall or because I didn’t think Au Revoir Simone would be good. But rather, it was simply because one gets into the flow of the work week, gets tired, and finds himself wondering if he is too old to be going out on weeknights and seeing shows. Okay, that “one” person would be me.

There was a good crowd at the bar upstairs and of course the usual throngs surrounding the bocce court but I had never been downstairs to see the live music venue. It was nice – a small bar, a few chairs/benches along the side and the intimate feel of seeing a band play that was reminiscent of my younger days watching indie bands in people’s basements.

We missed the first opener but did catch a spirited performance by Liverpool’s Hot Club de Paris, which had an interesting mix of oddball humor, barbershop a capellas and dare I say, a Futureheads-type sound of music.

Au Revoir Simone then came on and I wondered to my friend – “Which came first, the haircut or the band?” – referring to the almost identical-look that all three members sport. See picture above. The place was packed and Au Revoir Simone did not disappoint. Some of my favorite songs were “The Lucky One” and “Through the Backyards”.


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