Another Nets season comes to an end and although they exceeded expectations in some sense (making it to a Game 6 in the semifinals despite erratic play and a series of injuries all season long), the reality is they had a chance to win this series.

Jason Kidd continued to amaze despite his advanced basketball “age” of 34, averaging a triple-double during the playoffs. Richard Jefferson, coming off an injury-plagued season, showed his grit with fearlessness toward the basket. Even the role players showed something – from Mikki Moore to Bostjan Nachbar.

But Vince Carter once again disappointed. Yes, it’s a team game and not to sound cliched, but “to whom much is given, much is expected” and it’s now been three seasons where Vince has had some phenomenal regular-season games but has all but disappeared during the playoffs.

Now New Jersey fans can empathize with Toronto fans, fully understanding the frustation that is having Vince Carter. A superb individual scorer at times, a lackadaisical uninterested performer at others. During last night’s loss to Cleveland, he scored a paltry 11 points. The NY media is calling for the break-up of the “Big Three” but trading Kidd who’s exhibited he still has game and is (next to Nash) one of the best point guards in the league would be a horrible mistake. A healthy RJ can more than make up for the scoring punch that Vince would supposedly leave. It’s time to do Nets fans a favor and execute a sign and trade for some bigs who can (alongside a healthy Nenad Krstic) do some damage in the post.

Please get rid of Vince, his sour puss, and frustrating play.

I’m not alone in these thoughts. Check out this article on ESPN and this one on NY Daily News.


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