Was I the only one who found The New York Observer columnist Lizzy Ratner’s piece “The New Victorians” pretty obnoxious? As in, it’s obnoxious to put a label of New Victorians on this supposed segment of NYC society. Plus, what makes them indicative of Victorian ethos, anyway?

Imagine that – people in their 20’s nesting, focusing on career, having pets, getting married, throwing dinner parties and actually caring about their future?

One of my favorite quotes is this one:
As one soon-to-be-married, female 26-year-old online editor who lives in Williamsburg put it: “It’s no longer cool to be a slacker and be living in your basement.”

Sorry, but when was living in a basement ever considered cool?

It reminds me of the old Chris Rock bit where he hates on people who congratulate themselves for doing what they are supposed to do:

“I take care of my kids.” You’re supposed to take care of your kids! OR “I ain’t never been to jail.” You’re not supposed to go to jail!

It’s the same thing with this bullshit article. “I’m in my mid-late 20’s and I am starting to act like an adult.” You’re supposed to act like an adult!

What do you want, a trophy?


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