Subway Squeezer

Just when you think we’ve seen it all on the subway: the kids doing flips in the aisle, the woman cutting her nails, the preachers, the guy rapping/singing into a tape recorder, the belligerent teen girls picking a fight with a woman, the creepy guy touching himself, the silent Asian guy selling bootleg DVDs, etc.

Now there’s the overweight, middle-aged “squeezer” – as in, he tried to squeeze his big butt into a tiny space between two subway passengers, one of them being my wife. The guy on the other end of the empty “space” incredulously asks “you’re gonna squeeze yourself into that space?” As squeezer guy lowered his caboose, my wife got up to avoid being wedged in by him. Then the first guy says “look, you made that lady get up.” So squeezer guy gets up and lets my wife sit down and proceeds to stand. Unbelievable.


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