Hipsters Unite

Not wholly unlike the Kent-to-Superman transformation, last night I stepped into my proverbial phonebooth (a.k.a. my apartment) to change from “corporate sell-out” to “faux-hipster“.

Rushing from Manhattan to Park Slope and back to Manhattan then to Williamsburg was a bit ridiculous but somehow I got to Mugs Alehouse in time to meet one of my best friends from college who recently returned from holiday in Italy and recently relocated back to NYC.

We then made our way to McCarren Park Pool for the Grizzly Bear/Broken Social Scene/Feist show. It’s a great venue – wide open spaces, a pierogie booth from the folks at Warsaw and the standard Brooklyn Brewery booths.

This was actually the first time that I hung out in Williamsburg at night and it definitely felt like the epicenter of indie hipsterdom, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. If terrorists wanted to destroy all the indie-listening, thrift shop-wearing, art school-going kids all in one shot (just like in Gremlins when they gathered all the Gremlins in a movie theater to destroy them), they could take dead aim at McCarren Park Pool.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed catching up with my friend and hearing Broken Social Scene perform some of their hits like Superconnected and Major Label Debut.

The crowd loved Ms. Feist and she did not disappoint, delivering most of her popular songs from The Reminder. I didn’t bring a camera but found the pic above on Brooklynvegan.com who got the pic from Kyle Dean Reinford.

Also on Brooklynvegan, someone posted Feist’s setlist:
When I Was A Young Girl
So Sorry
My Moon My Man
The Limit To Your Love
I Feel It All
In My Hands (Tony Scherr cover)
Leisure Suite (4 track demo version)
Brandy Alexander
Past in Present
The Water
Sea Lion Woman
Let It Die

The weather was perfect – cool and comfortable – and it was a nice way to cap the summer. Feist ended the show by wishing us “a nice autumn”.


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