NYC and You Versus Me

Before I offer up my theory of NYC as a city of endless competition, let me say that there are at least 5 things that I really like about our fair city:
1)Career Opportunities
2)Ethnic Diversity
3)Cultural and Entertainment Offerings
4)No smoking in bars
5)No tax on clothes under $110

And now on to the theory….I was thinking about this on our subway ride home from the Union Square Trader Joe’s. A Trader Joe’s which, mind you, we arrived at when it opened at 9am on a Sunday morning and a Trader Joe’s which had a long line at the door prior to it opening.

Here’s my observation (and it’s not necessarily an innovative breakthrough but one that becomes more lucid the longer I live here) – one of the main contributors of stress living in this city is the sheer quantity of our inhabitants within the small geographic confines of our 5 boroughs. But because there’s so many of us wanting the same things, life here often becomes a series of competitions.

So, we fight each other for seats on the subway, to get a reservation at the latest “buzz” restaurant, to get a promotion at work, to get our kids into the right schools, OR simply to get your foot in the friggin’ door at Trader Joe’s. It’s a series of battles we fight every day from the miniscule to the significant.

Some people thrive on this but I don’t. As E.B. White said in his essay Here is New York: “New Yorkers temperamentally do not crave comfort and convenience–if they did they would live elsewhere.”

And yet more and more I find myself craving just that! Imagine that. Comfort and convenience! Hmm, we might have to move out of NYC after all.


One Response to “NYC and You Versus Me”

  1. kw Says:

    Touche my friend, touche

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