More Pick-Up Artist

I continue to be entertained, fascinated and disgusted by VH-1’s The Pick-Up Artist.

Quick recap for those unfamiliar with the show – it’s basically a “reality” show competition where “lovable losers” without any “game” learn how to pick up women in bars in hopes of becoming a “master pick-up artist.”

That’s actually a nice way of putting it. And I am surprised by the seemingly favorable review in The Times. I am equally amazed that any of the so-called “seduction techniques” work but apparently its success and others were documented in Neil Strauss’s The Game.

In the VH-1 show, Mystery is the lead pick-up artist instructor along with his “wingmen” J-Dog and Matador. First of all, the only mystery taking place is how this guys gets any women. He looks absolutely ridiculous, like Criss Angel’s taller older brother.

And, of course, his wingmen have douchebag fratty names like “J-Dog” and “Matador”.

Secondly, he creates unnecessary acronyms and terms for basic words and phrases as if to legitimize the science of his seduction techniques. For example,

Gambit – Conversation Starter

IOI (Indicator of Interest) – Nonverbal Signs that Woman is Attracted to You

Bounce – Change Locations

He also teaches cheesy lines to open a “set” with like: “Hey girls, I’ve got a really important question for you. Do you floss before of after you brush?” And there are the “gambits” like stupid magic tricks to get women to talk to them.

Now I’m all for teaching these guys self-esteem and confidence but more often than not it seems like he’s just teaching them lines and games to “trick” women into giving them their number or making out with them or worse. It’s certainly offensive in its objectification of women as if the only way for these guys (or any for that matter) can “score” is if the women are: 1)mentally impaired by heavy alcohol; 2) falling for tricks, techniques and gambits.

Now I realize much of the scenarios they put these guys through is for the sake of entertaining television but more than anything these guys need to develop self-esteem and social skills in real (see sober) settings and not just booze-infused nightclubs. Plus, these aren’t the types of guys who should be trying to compete with the meatheads, fratboys and guidos (like the Roxbury Boys below) in a meat-market-like scenario.

Lastly, there’s a funny YouTube clip of comedians poking fun at the whole Mystery Pick-Up Artist methodology here.

Of course, all of this being said I will still tune-in on Monday to see if Joe D. or Kosmo win it all.

Damn you VH-1. Damn you.


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