Fool Me Once

Shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you….again? Well, whatever.

Yeah, I know it’s “shame on me” but twice in a row the local Dunkin’ Donuts has deprived me of fried goodness. I showed up yesterday morning around 7:45am only to be greeted by blank stares when I saw their doughnut selection bombed out and depleted. I asked: “When do you think you’ll get more?” Not a wholly irrational question given that it was rush hour and the fact that their name is Dunkin’ (F@#kin) Donuts)!!! The man behind the counter just sort of sheepishly shrugged that he didn’t know. Disgusted and defeated, I retreated home.

This morning I thought I’d show up earlier thinking yesterday was an aberration. Not the case at all. It was around 6:40am and there was nothing again! A different guy behind the counter this time replied that “the delivery guy usually comes around 6:30 but he’s not here yet.” Once again, I was met with poor customer service and indifference. This happens a lot in the city. They look at you like you are the weird one. You are the one with unrealistic expectations. It’s early morning. Your name is Dunkin’ Donuts. Where are your fucking doughnuts?!


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