More Subway Crazies

In the past, I’ve described some of the characters one witnesses riding the NYC Subway.

This week, you can add a couple more to the list. I knew it would not be a quiet ride home when a woman bust through the car door and then proceeded to announce that she was going to do some spoken-word poetry. Annoyed, I simply turned up the volume on my iPod so I couldn’t tell you whether she was any good or not.

Also, this week marked the return of another guy I’ve seen before. Here’s his shtick: he wears a full suit and carries a briefcase and looks “professional” enough; he claims he’s from some non-profit that assists homeless, needy, victims of abuse, etc. He implores straphangers for their financial assistance but his sell-job is further made effective by the fact that he offers an alternative: if you can’t give money, then he’ll take your old clothes, etc.

Maybe New York has made me a jaded, cynical bastard (nah, I was already one before I got here) but I think it’s a total scam. And what kills me is that people went ahead and gave him money. First of all, if he’s from a legit organization, he would NOT be panhandling on a subway. Secondly, the sharp woman next me to asked him for a business card so she could see what “chapter” of the nonprofit he represented and he could NOT produce one. Thirdly, in his speech, he said his organization was located somewhere around 340 W. 85th, yet he got off the 3 train at Wall Street in lower Manhattan. Don’t give this guy money!


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