Where I’ve Been: Holiday Edition


The postings have been less frequent this past week due to holiday gatherings. Here’s what went down this week. 

Monday – Met up with friends for drinks at Mercer Kitchen in SoHo. We then grabbed a bite to eat at Ditch Plains in the West Village. We ended the evening at Daddy-O, where lo and behold, they were running a Maker’s Mark promo, complete with give-away holiday glasses (one per customer, to our chagrin).

Wednesday – Attended company holiday party at Hilton New York. Shook CEO’s hand. Went home early but managed to get stuck with a bad driver who did not know his way around Brooklyn and certainly did not know how to work a GPS device.

Thursday – Attended company holiday outing at American Museum of Natural History. It was a scavenger hunt run by Watson Adventures. It was actually pretty fun running around the museum for a couple hours trying to find the answers to their clues. Unfortunately, my team did not win but we did get to enjoy appetizers and drinks in the Upper West Side at Rain.

Friday – Took part in a wine and cheese class taught by Max McCalman at Artisanal. I’m not sure I could tell you which wines go best with which cheeses, but I did enjoy the brie de nangis, durrus and gruyere. Do I sound pretentious for naming these fancy cheeses? Good. Then the class worked. 🙂

Saturday – Grabbed some dinner at Sala One Nine in Union Square and headed to a friend’s holiday party. Mingled with some of the party guests and talked to one guy (who was otherwise polite) who certainly seemed to enjoy talking about himself and what he does for a living. Why is that so common in NYC?


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