Know Thy Text

The other night I exchanged text messages with a friend whom I assumed to be JC (and no, that’s not code for my belief that Jesus Christ was talking to me through a mobile device, it just happens to be the initials of my friend). Anyhow we texted back and forth about making dinner plans. The next day I decided to email him to make sure our plans were set. So, it was with a bit of curiosity that I received his puzzled response. To paraphrase, he basically asked what the heck I was talking about.

Then I realized I wasn’t exchanging text messages with him! Who was it? The source of the confusion was the 646 area code which I assumed to be his number. But after closer inspection, it was not his number. I was somewhat embarassed but more so thought it was pretty hilarious that I was carrying on a conversation with someone whom I thought to be another person. After searching through the “received calls” list of my phone, I realized that I did in fact know the person whom I exchanged messages with and there was really no harm done. But it would have been funnier if I was texting a stranger.

So next time you’re texting someone, make sure you know whom you’re talking to.


One Response to “Know Thy Text”

  1. KP Says:

    So, did the dinner still happen with the ‘other’ texter?

    Rob did this the other day with my friend LD. Except he was texting her when he thought he was texting me (L is close to K in his address book). She thought he was either hitting on her…..or drunk….or drunk and hitting on her.

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