Fake New York not as authentic as Real New York

As I mentioned, we visited New York New York while in Vegas. Here’s some pics I took.


Although they have captured some of the touristy monuments – the BK bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and a Disney-like version of Greenwich Village in the interior, it certainly does not capture the authenticity of our great city.


Here then are a few suggestions to make New York New York (the hotel and casino) more like New York, New York (the city).

  1. Animatronic panhandlers who interrupt your peaceful stay at the hotel with the opening line: “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I am not homeless but would appreciate your contributions…”
  2. Paid hotel and casino staff will engage you in conversation and immediately judge you based on your responses to the following questions: “What school did you go to? What neighborhood do you live in? And what do you do for a living?”
  3. Room rates will be negotiated for you by a broker who will promptly take 12-15% for him/herself.
  4. Holographic rats!
  5. The more remote parts of the hotel will be looked upon similarly to the outer boroughs. Thus, when asking a bellhop to carry your bags to a certain wing of the hotel, he will complain repeatedly (much like cabbies complain about having to drive to Brooklyn).

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