The Birthday Dinner

On Wednesday night we headed to Peter Luger Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to celebrate my birthday.

We took the subway there and upon entering the restaurant, noticed immediately that it was one of those “old-school” joints. Pretty bare bones decor, an all-male waitstaff, lots of male patrons – the kind of place where sport coats, cigars, scotch and red meat mix frequently. Expectations were high due to Luger’s reputation and the cash only mandate.

We were promptly seated and ordered the steak for two (Luger’s is famous for their porterhouse) along with two sides: creamed spinach and German fried potatoes. We washed it down with some Cabernet.


For dessert, we ordered a slice of key lime pie with the homemade “schlag” (whipped cream) and I had an Irish coffee.


Service was attentive and there’s no doubt the steak was the star of the show. Was it the best I ever had? That’s hard to say. I would not say it blew me away but it definitely was not disappointing either. The ruling is inconclusive and my journey to find the best steak ever must continue. Somehow I must find the strength to consume even more red meat.


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