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When I lived in Chicago I had a few jobs and more than one of those jobs provided me with an office. The best office (pictured above), hands down, was a corner office that overlooked Michigan Avenue. You could clearly see down Michigan Avenue and catch spectacular views of the Wrigley Building, the Hancock Tower and the Chicago River. In the summers, you could hear the screaming engines of fighter jets practicing for the annual Air and Water Show.

It was a great office – from its location away from the rest of my co-workers and proximity to the “side door” entrance/exit, the building’s prime location along Wacker/Michigan, and the bus stop right outside which took me up Michigan Ave., down Lake Shore Drive and back to the North Side of Chicago.

New York City has been a different story and once again, as is often the case, it comes down to real estate. My first job in NYC consisted of sitting in a dimly lit cube farm where you could hear everything – from the adjacent cubes to the offices that surrounded the perimeter of the floor. Although there is an abundance of natural light at my current job, I am once again relegated to a cubical. Despite the fact that it is a much more quiet environment that the previous one, there is still little possibility of an office in the near future. First of all, there are way too many employees and being a large corporation, a long pecking order before I would even be considered for one. My boss doesn’t even have one! You have to be at least a VP to get an office and that could take a while. Secondly, they just don’t have the space that Chicago does and limited space means limited opportunities for having your own office, despite years of work experience, multiple academic degrees or even’s one’s title in some cases.


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