Prospect Park Anthropological Study

This morning the weather was perfect so we decided to take a walk through Prospect Park. Suddenly, one by one, we observed a flurry of unleashed dogs. Was this normal on an early Sunday morning? Apparently! This struck us as somewhat odd only because there were so many of them taking dumps in grassy areas (and their owners didn’t always pick up after them). It also seemed odd to us because you never know what kind of trouble these dogs could get into (with other dogs or humans) yet the owners just let them roam freely. In many parks, there are designated “dog park” areas that restrict the physical area used by dogs to play and/or piss/poop in but here the dogs pretty much had the run of the place!

Secondly, we noticed that one of the unleashed dogs approached and started barking at an African-American NYC Sanitation Engineer who was emptying a trash can. I was upset by this because: a)That dude was just trying to do his job and should not have to fear a dog potentially attacking him; and b)The owners simply called its name while it lingered around its potential prey as opposed to forcibly removing the dog from the situation.

Then it got me thinking – can dogs be racist? Apparently they can as evidenced by this interesting Slate article from 2003.


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