Frenchie vs Wii

We don’t have a lot of disposable income right now but sometimes we get the itch to make a splurge. Hey, isn’t that what the economic stimulus check is for?

Two potential purchases we’ve been semi-serious about (and I use the “serious” portion loosely) are a Nintendo Wii and a French Bulldog.

The Wii is the “it” gaming console and can provide many hours of fun and activity, especially with the release of Wii Fit. The Frenchie, on the other hand, can arguably provide us with more exercise since we’d have to walk it every day. Also, it can provide many years of unconditional love. Hmm, the Wii’s not looking so good now. Ahem, on the down side, the Frenchie would require ongoing maintenance costs and put a potential end to our otherwise carefree schedule.

Frenchie vs Wii. Who wins? Or do we go with neither? Of course, we don’t even know if our landlord would allow a dog so this could be a moot exercise.


3 Responses to “Frenchie vs Wii”

  1. Shannon Says:

    My vote is for Frenchie

  2. DaveC Says:

    I have a Wii, my friend Jen has a French Bulldog. The Wii is pretty fun, and doesn’t have any inbred respiratory problems. But the dog looks like a little pig, you can take it out on walks, and it’s very affectionate. I’d say Wii + cat might be the ideal solution.

  3. Jennifer Davidson Says:

    Go for the frenchie! I bought one last summer, Baxter, he is so awesome! Best dog ever…no barking, very loving.

    However two things:
    1) the ongoing cost does add up so beg, borrow, & craig’s list as many doggy supplies as you can. 2) they won’t help too much with “working out”…a slow 5-10 min walk is about all they can handle (it’s a smooshed face thing)

    Good luck!

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