Guest Blogger: My wife describes the Feist show

Some call it laziness, I call it “repurposing”. Since my wife did such a great job recounting Wednesday night’s Feist show on her blog, I thought I’d borrow, er, steal it and drop in her posting here. The opener was Juana Molina

Feist Show at Prospect Park

Last night we saw Feist play at Prospect Park (click on the link to see a video from the show, and these are pictures I lifted from another site (Hooves on the Turf). She had some kind of funky light show happening which you can see in the video.)
We had never been to one of these outdoor concerts in the park before, so we didn’t know what to expect. We did bring our umbrellas since rain was expected, and it did end up raining. But we couldn’t make use of our umbrellas because THEY WEREN’T ALLOWED INSIDE. Possibly one of the dumbest rules I have ever heard. Instead they made everyone chuck their ‘brellas on the grass by the entrance, like some kind of cruel joke. So yeah, we got poured on.

Despite being wet and cold, we stuck it out for the show which was pretty good. She played all the songs we wanted to hear.

And amazingly, we were able to find our umbrellas after the show.


2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: My wife describes the Feist show”

  1. rachel Says:

    so whats your wfe’s blog address?

  2. bklyn1 Says:


    Unfortunately, it’s a super-secret private blog that’s only shared with fam!


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