How I Spent My Summer Staycation



Staycations are all the rage these days.

Besides being on puppy patrol pretty much 24/7 during our week off, here’s a rundown of the few places we’ve been this week (other than taking our dog out for bathroom and walks). You’ll pretty much notice that we had a one-track mind this week.

Friday – Picked up our new dog from the breeder in Massachusetts.

Saturday – Spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get aforementioned pup to pee/poop on concrete.

Sunday – Started settling back into apartment life and cleaning up our place after the initially being overwhelmed by a new dog.

Monday – Paid a trip to the local vet for our dog’s check-up and shots.

Tuesday – Had a nice time with the folks at Top Dog.

Wednesday – Checked out doggy daycare at Brooklyn Dog House but decided it wasn’t right for us at this time. Left the pup alone (gasp) for the first time to start training him on separation anxiety. That night we took Louie to meet friends at Patio Lounge. Afterwards, I had more drinks al fresco at Park Slope Ale House and finally, at The Gate.

Thursday – Finally got some human interaction with our friend, S.H. and hung out at Tea Lounge. Of course, we proceeded to spend a lot of time talking about our dogs. 🙂 In the evening, we sat outside and had dinner at Helios.

Friday – Continued “practicing” leaving our apartment while the pup slept and headed to Tea Lounge for some quality alone time spent with coffee and our respective laptops. Met our new dogwalker that afternoon. Later that evening, had a nice visit from the pup’s “uncles” (J.C. and D.D.) and “aunt” K.W.

Saturday – More time at Tea Lounge. Could this be our Peach Pit?

Sunday – Another awesome brunch at Five Points.


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