Racist Ricky’s?

Walked into the Ricky’s Halloween costume shop on Flatbush and saw below. An “Asian” section? Isn’t that kinda racist? Okay, maybe they could’ve called it something else like “geisha outfits” or something like that. In a multicultural place like Brooklyn, this seems pretty out of touch!


3 Responses to “Racist Ricky’s?”

  1. Annabelle Lutz Says:

    Hey, where is this Ricky’s Halloween Costume Shop on Flatbush? I live in the area and I’m just curious….

  2. bklyn1 Says:

    Ricky’s is on Bergen btwn 5th ave. and Flatbush. It’s right off the 2/3 Bergen Street stop.

  3. BEts Says:

    Ricky’s doesn’t really strike me as hiring the most intelligent individuals in the world

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