Obama 2008

My wife and I (like most people) were flipping around the major news networks last night eagerly awaiting the results of the presidential election. Obama held a comfortable lead and we knew things looked good once he started winning and/or flipping key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Still, we didn’t really feel comfortable until the election was officially called. We even started falling asleep as it seemed like the networks weren’t calling any additional states for a while. Then it happened – I was watching the local NBC affiliate with Chuck Scarborough and next thing I know, they switched to the national coverage and a title screen appeared saying Barack Obama was projected to be the 44th President of the U.S.!

Celebrations ensued – we heard tons of people cheering and yelling and horns honking. It went on for a good half hour to an hour! It was louder than when the Giants won the Super Bowl last year! Can anyone remember when people got so passionate and so overcome with joy over an election? And doesn’t it speak volumes about the way we reject the ideals and actions of the Bush administration and the prospect of McCain/Palin? Lots of people took to the streets in our neighborhood as well as across the city. Check out the images from Gothamist here.

And what about the scene in Chicago? Unbelievable.

I stayed up until 12:30 watching TV but eventually had to go to sleep. At least I could go to bed knowing the future looked better!

UPDATE: I really like the Times’ Editorial on The Next President and Thomas Friedman’s Finishing Our Work.


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