Where I’ve Been – Holidays in Raleigh Edition

Week of 12/21

Saturday – Packed up the rental car (a Toyota RAV4 which I actually enjoyed driving – Oh God, I am ready for the suburbs, aren’t I?). We actually made pretty good time and got there in about 8.5 hours. Louie enjoyed looking out the car window.

Sunday – Did a little shopping in the area and then went over to my sister’s place to celebrate my twin nephews’ birthdays.

Monday – We checked out an apartment complex in Raleigh to see how much space we could get. The answer: A lot and for much less than we pay in NYC. Hmmm. Afterwards, we finished our xmas shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall.

Tuesday – We visited a local dog park and were unimpressed. We started to miss the off-leash hours in Prospect Park back home and the tons of dogs Louie sees every day in Brooklyn. And what’s with all the seemingly aggressive, unsocial dogs who barked at him while we walked Lou in my parent’s neighborhood? Are we sure we want to move?

Later that evening, we went to the airport to pick up one of my brothers and then had a nice dinner at Hayashi.

Wednesday – It’s Christmas Eve and my mom and wife made paella and empanadas.



Later that night, we had a great dinner and nice time at my sister’s place. Even Louie got a treat.


Thursday – We spend Christmas Day at my parents’ house. My other brother arrives. We proceed to continue stuffing ourselves. Some of the food included: ham, chicken, pasta, potato salad, lumpia, empanadas, and flan. 

Friday – Our last day in Raleigh. We checked out the campuses/towns of UNC Chapel Hill, stopping by Sugarland bakery and Duke University. Later that night it’s more leftovers!

Saturday – We left early yet still arrive back in Brooklyn later than expected no thanks to traffic in Maryland, Jersey and between Staten Island and Brooklyn. We’re happy to be back but also immediately stressed upon having to return the car back to LaGuardia and dealing wtih crazy NYC drivers. 



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