Where I’ve Been

Sunday – Watched the Giants lose miserably to the Philadelphia Eagles while catching up with friends at Forum

Thursday – Why does all the crazy stuff seem to happen in NYC?


Thankfully, everyone was safe, but WTF? It made me recall all the other crazy stuff that has taken place in the mere three years we’ve been here, like:

On Thursday evening, I headed to McSorley’s to meet up with my friend KW. McSorley’s is the oldest Irish bar in NYC and one of the oldest in the country. According to Wikipedia, famous individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt have had drinks there. I made the rookie mistake of asking what was on tap, when they only offer two kinds: the dark or light ale, which they serve in two half pints for a combined price of $4.50.


It was a good time and I’m glad I checked McSorley’s out. Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at Phebe’s in the East Village.

Friday – We went to Astoria, Queens to have dinner with our friends B and L. They cooked a great dinner for us, including homemade lasagna and tiramisu. We had a fun time playing the game of Real Life and I enjoyed too much beer and port and consequently, had a “shaky” ride home.

Saturday – Stayed in due to the cold weather and recuperated from the long week. Was a bit disappointed in the new episode of Battlestar Galactica. I also started watching Disc 1 of Season 2 of 30 Rock.

Sunday – After being stuck indoors the day before, I ventured out for a haircut. Later that evening, we ran some other errands and ducked into Flirt and Buttercup Pawtisserie on 5th Ave. in the Slope. We checked out Soda Bar on Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect Heights. The fries weren’t that good and there was some cheesy music playing over the speakers (and not in a hip, ironic way). We ended up getting some sushi from Oshima to counteract the fried food.


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