Dinner at Babbo


On Tuesday, we went to Babbo to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We took the first seating at 5:30pm and were promptly seated. The space was inviting and service attentive as we each delved into the pasta tasting menu (see details in image above).

The first course exceeded expectations and ended up being our favorite of the evening – the black tagliatelle with parsnips and pancetta. Another stand-out included the pyramid-shaped pasta with the braised beef inside. After 5 courses of healthy-sized portions of pasta, we were pretty stuffed. The cheese fritter served with warm honey was a nice break but the pumpkin panna cotta that followed was a little lacking. In a nice gesture, the chef brought out two different desserts – an apple tart with ice cream for me and a chocolate cake with a candle and the words “Happy Birthday” written out on the plate for my wife.

We had a couple of glasses of red wine (which apparently came from a vineyard that Batali owns in Tuscany?) to wash it down. All in all, it was a great meal and celebration. Plus, we got a new President that day!




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