Vacation in V.I.

Last week, my wife and I headed to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for a little R&R.

She’s been busy with grad school and I with a number of work and non-work related activities, so a getaway was much needed.

We arrived around noon on a Thursday and were instantly greeted at the airport with shots of Cruzan rum.

We met up with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend (who live on the island!) and grabbed some West Indian food downtown. Afterwards, we checked into our hotel room and strolled the grounds. Later, we had some ceviche and pina coladas at a beachside restaurant called Coco Joe’s. Unfortunately, it was cloudy/rainy and the forecast for our stay did not look promising. That evening, we met up again with our fam and were treated to some good food and drinks at the Sushi Bar at The Ritz-Carlton.


The lineup included: edamame, fried baby eels with soba noodles, tuna sashimi plate (including my fave – toro), tuna nigiri with avocado, and hog snapper roll.

However, the best was dessert: banana and chocolate spring roll fried to perfection with vanilla ice cream and caramel dipping sauce.


On Friday, the sun finally came out so we headed out to our patio.



Then we took off to catch some rays at the beach.


In the evening, we tried West Indian roti and then ventured to Havana Blue for cocktails.

On Day 3, we spent the whole day at the beach.


Meanwhile, that night we had fish tacos and other appetizers during Happy Hour at Wikked

Day 4 brought us poolside…


That evening, our sister and her boyfriend made margaritas and pork tacos along with chips and tomatillo salsa.

My last day on the island took us to Lindquist Beach. 



My final dinner was at North Side Bistro where we had wine, conch fritters, and steak. It was sad to leave the island!


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