Yesterday, we headed to Coney Island for some afternoon fun. We walked down the boardwalk, played some skee ball and a couple other arcade games and got a hot dog at Nathan’s. I don’t know if it was the bun or the ketchup-saturated onions but something was off and these dogs were not good. Pretty disappointing since we usually look forward to Nathan’s dogs and they usually deliver. Also, service at Nathan’s was horrendous! The lines weren’t long but the service was inefficient and slow (seemingly a prerequisite for NYC).

We had some time to kill (it was only about 4pm) before the game so decided to get some drinks before the Cyclones game at nearby Peggy O’Neills. We settled in for our drinks but noticed that a line was already forming to enter KeySpan Park – over an hour and a half before gates open and over three hours before the first pitch! The line continued to grow and grow as it became clear the “Baracklyn Cyclones” promotional night was getting people to show up early so that the first 2,500 fans would get their Barack Bobblehead


My hand was forced – I could not sit there casually drinking my beer and be shut out of the damn bobblehead when I had already been in Coney for an hour. Eventually, I downed my beer and got in line with the rest of these suckers. Damn groupthink! The line began to snake around the corner and yes, we stood there for nearly an hour before the gates opened just to get that dumb bobblehead. It was also interesting to see the awful behavior exhibited by some – such as a couple of adult men (with their kids I assume) who totally cut in line! Way to teach your kids that cheating is wrong!

In any event, we got in, got the bobblehead, and the rest of the evening was pleasant.


It looked like it was going to rain, but it never did. The promotional night was fun – besides the bobbleheads, the players wore special “Baracklyn” jerseys which they raffled off.


Another nice touch was the inclusion of a Barack Obama impersonator who took part in the festivities by throwing out the first pitch and starring in some taped segments that aired on the jumbotron. 



We left after 5 innings with the Cyclones up 6-0. They ended up winning 7-3



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