What the what?



I typically fancy myself as someone who has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. So it came as a surprise when I had no idea what an “Ed Hardy” shirt was. From what I gather, it’s a clothing line based on the work of tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. What I’m not sure is why these t-shirts can run upwards of over $100 a piece.

Also, who is the target demographic for this shirt? I’ve seen images of celebs like Madonna and David Beckham wearing this clothing but all the first-hand associations I’ve gotten preliminarily have been related to more trashy folk. For example:

  • During the improv comedy show at UCB Theatre, one of the skits poked fun at an Italian meathead and in the comedian’s description of this character, he said they “wore Ed Hardy shirts and Cool Water cologne”;
  • We saw a hip-hop type guy on the subway platform the other day wearing an Ed Hardy shirt;
  • Jon “Mid-life Crisis” Gosselin of Jon & Kate fame has been sporting Ed Hardy duds lately

High-brow? Low-brow? Or high-end trash?


4 Responses to “What the what?”

  1. Andre Says:

    For more on this subject, you might want to check out this link. It gives the lowdown on Ed Hardy and other tattoo clothing brands.
    If you think $100 is high, be prepared for much higher!

  2. Al Says:

    Ed Hardy shirts have been known to provoke irrational rage in me and my friends. They’re the official uniform of d-bags everywhere (alternate uniform is sunglasses and a baseball cap while standing in a pool).

  3. Alan Says:

    a mi en lo personal me parecen muy buenas las camisetas y no se digan las gorras se ven muy chic aka en mexico aun stan d moda y parecen ser muy bien recibidas por la gente; pero en fin tal ves las usan komo para ironia en lo ke dice el primer chavo; pero puez bueno]; repito a mi en lo personal me parecen muy chic ya sea en hombres o en mujeres bueno eso es todo por el momento., los dejo sin mas………………

  4. fazal Says:


    I loved this t-shirt i am interested to buy can i know how to buy this tshirt.

    Fazal Ahmed

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