Food, Inc.



On Friday, we checked out the film Food, Inc

It was an enlightening film along the lines of The Corporation and An Inconvenient Truth.

Food Inc. exposes the food industry, revealing among other things:

  • The use of corn as a cheap universal food and corn products seeping into candy, soft drinks and almost everything in one’s cupboard
  • The handful of powerful companies (and the politicians in bed with them) that dominate the industry
  • The poor treatment of farmers, workers and the cattle and chickens that eventually make their way to our plates (and how their illnesses can become ours)

So, how can we combat this? Here are 10 tips and even more suggestions are here.


One Response to “Food, Inc.”

  1. kw Says:

    I’m glad you finally saw this, now we can discuss it further. I can’t eat anything anymore…

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