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Celeb Sighting – Foodie Edition

July 24, 2009


The celeb: Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The sighting: I met my wife for lunch yesterday at Todd English’s Olives in Union Square yesterday. Afterwards, we decided to walk around the area and I saw Jean-Georges walking down B’way between 18th and 19th. Typically I wouldn’t recognize a chef unless he or she had a program on the Food Network, but Jean-Georges is a badass, plus he was wearing his chef jacket.


Celeb Sighting: San Fran Edition

July 16, 2009


The celeb: Former NFL star (SF 49’er) Steve Young

The sighting: Late Monday night at SFO Airport. A full AA red-eye flight from SF to NYC was inexplicably and abruptly cancelled. Of course, there was little information given and when it was, it was poorly communicated. Steve, along with the other stranded passengers, was asking around as to what happened. He took off pretty quickly while the rest of us poor saps had to wait around for an hour or more to retrieve our luggage and get a hotel voucher for the night. I arrived at the hotel around 1:00am and ended up flying out the next day around 11:40am.

Celeb Sighting: Carolina Style

June 7, 2009


The celeb: John Edwards

Why he’s famous: ’04 VP candidate; ’08 Presidential Candidate

The sighting: Friday, 6/5 around 11am at the American Airlines baggage claim area at RDU Airport. He was with his wife and a bodyguard.

Dudefest at Martha’s

May 17, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I joined some friends at a taping of the Martha Stewart Show for her annual guys’ episode.

We got front row seats courtesy our of friend KW and they had some pretty good guests including Emeril Lagasse and former NY Giant Michael Strahan.


Strahan was pretty entertaining and took the time to also chat up the all male studio audience.


Afterwards, we were asked to stay a little longer so that they could shoot some footage for a special NYC themed episode, hence the faux-subway setup and an appearance by our very own mayor, Michael Bloomberg.


We left the taping with some goodies including an Emeril cookbook and grill pan.

Minor Celeb Sighting – I mean, really minor

October 18, 2008

The celeb: NBA baller Brian Scalabrine

The sighting: In the winter garden of The World Financial Center – I’m a huge NBA fan and so I don’t think anyone else recognized who he was. He was in town for the Celtics/Nets game that night and was a former Net himself.

Celeb Sighting

July 27, 2008

The celeb: Martin Gore, founding member of Depeche Mode

Why he’s famous: It’s Depeche Mode

The sighting: 7/17 in the early evening around the West Village

Celeb Sighting: Park Slope Edition

April 3, 2008


The Celeb: Lisa Loeb

The Sighting: Last Wednesday (3/26) at the Ida show at Union Hall

Why She’s Famous: The single “Stay” from Reality Bites (which Dan and Liz from Ida sang background vocals on)

Ida at Union Hall

March 29, 2008


<Photo taken by Annie Lin and courtesy of New York Magazine.>

On Wednesday night we went to Union Hall to see Ida play.

For a good sense of what Ida is about, check out this 2005 piece from Gothamist.

Ida is one of our favorite bands and we’ve been listening to them since college. We’ve probably seen them play live more than any other band. It started with a show or two in South Bend, IN and when we lived in Chicago, we’ve seen them at The Empty Bottle, The Lounge Axe, Schubas, and The Fireside Bowl just to name a few.

So when I found out that they were going to be in our very own Park Slope, I emailed my friend “B” and we made plans with our respective better halves to head over to Union Hall. As mentioned in the New York magazine piece by Nick Catucci, they started off the set reflecting on how they rarely do back-to-back shows anymore and how they get up early these days (an admission that I, as an aging fan, could relate to).

They began with a few songs from the new album Lovers Prayers, including “The Love Below.” Also in the set of 10+ songs were old favorites like “The Great South River”, “Backburner” and “Dream Date”, which Dan Littleton confessed was written when they “used to live around here”. They closed the show with arguably Ida’s finest song, “Maybelle”.

Afterwards, we made our way over to Dan who was manning the merchandise table. I admitted that we had seen them many times and recounted how I approached him in 2003 at a Schubas show and spilled all the beans regarding how their music was “the soundtrack to my relationship.” Feeling honored but somewhat embarassed by not recalling my drunken disclosure from five years back, he offered me an Ida EP that I didn’t have and was compelled to give the group some Ida goodies. It was a gracious gesture and he went above and beyond in recognizing our appreciation for their music and commitment to seeing them peform so many times. When I expressed thanks for humoring us, he replied that it “matters” when people come to hear them play music. 

Celebrity Sightings: Vegas’ B-List Edition

February 18, 2008

The celeb: Rafer Alston, NBA basketball player

The sighting: Thursday night at Caramel in the Bellagio

The celeb: Ian Ziering, former 90210 star

The sighting: Okay, I didn’t really see him. Though on Friday night at eyecandy in Mandalay Bay, some friends saw him and I was too lazy to go over to check it out and didn’t think it was worth it.

The celeb: David Weintraub, of the short-lived Sons of Hollywood. Is he even B-list?

The sighting: Saturday night outside The House of Blues in Mandalay Bay.

Celebrity Sighting: DC Edition

January 23, 2008


The Celeb: Mark Cuban 

Why He’s Famous: Owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, recently on Dancing with the Stars, and oh yeah, he’s a billionaire

The Sighting: Sunday, January 20th around 7pm at the lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel on M Street

What I Would’ve Said to Him Had He Not Been Meeting Business Partners: Mr. Cuban, may I be your lackey?