Scenes from the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market

July 5, 2009




Food, Inc.

July 5, 2009



On Friday, we checked out the film Food, Inc

It was an enlightening film along the lines of The Corporation and An Inconvenient Truth.

Food Inc. exposes the food industry, revealing among other things:

  • The use of corn as a cheap universal food and corn products seeping into candy, soft drinks and almost everything in one’s cupboard
  • The handful of powerful companies (and the politicians in bed with them) that dominate the industry
  • The poor treatment of farmers, workers and the cattle and chickens that eventually make their way to our plates (and how their illnesses can become ours)

So, how can we combat this? Here are 10 tips and even more suggestions are here.

Where I’ve Been

July 5, 2009

Sunday – Had a picnic in Prospect Park. Tried Franny’s pizza again that night and still don’t think it’s worth the hype. We liked Grimaldi’s much better.

Wednesday – Met up with my friend JY at Soda Bar in Prospect Heights. Gotta love that their happy hour goes from noon to 7pm. Afterwards, he grabbed a slice at Brooklyn Pizza Factory. Then we checked out Weather Up – a speakeasy type place with great decor and high-end cocktails. It has a nice vibe and a terrific outdoor patio. I tried the Sazerac (rye whiskey and bitters) and it went down easy.

Here’s a pic that I took of their drink menu:


Thursday – We ventured out to my friend LC’s condo in the Slope and have drinks on her balcony. It rained cats and dogs but we stayed dry and nice to see a rainbow appear afterwards…


Friday – We explored Fort Greene, Brooklyn and stumbled across 67 Burger. We got a cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms and side order of fries. It was tasty and no wonder they’ve gotten good reviews. After, we headed to BAM to watch the film, Food Inc.

New to me

July 5, 2009


I saw one of these cool Lego Architecture sets for sale at Barnes and Noble the other day. I thought it was really cool and hadn’t seen it before but I can’t tell if they are just coming out as based on their undeveloped website or if they’re no longer being produced as evidenced by someone selling it on eBay as a discontinued product. Either way, great brand extension for Lego.

Who’s Pissing Me Off

July 1, 2009

My God, has it been that long since I’ve been pissed off?

Thankfully, I could not stay content forever.

Who’s pissing me off this week?

Shady Misogynistic NYC Cops – for roughing up and verbally abusing a woman while her poor little dog looked on.

Mainstream News Media – Seriously, what else is happening in the world besides Michael Jackson still being dead? Can I get some other news?

Street Hoops

June 28, 2009

Yesterday, we walked by the b-ball courts on Bergen and saw some kids playing in the Conrad McRae Youth League…



June 28, 2009

I took these pics yesterday afternoon in the hood…





Movie Time

June 28, 2009

Recently watched these via Netflix…

Hotels for DogsI didn’t think this would be good and it wasn’t but like any sap with a soft spot for dogs, I did like the scenes with the pooches.

Bottle RocketIt was interesting to see the debut of the Wilson boys and Wes Anderson in this “oddball gem”.

The BK Flea

June 27, 2009


This morning we headed over to the Brooklyn Flea. There’s lots of cool things there like vintage clothing, furniture and antiques but we like the tasty treats there. Best of all is the Mexican food from the Red Hook food vendors.IMG_0378

We each got a chicken taco ($3 a piece) and it was one of the best tacos I’ve had. It was fun sitting outside and people watching while the DJ played some music – including some MJ in honor of his passing. 

Here are some other pics from the Flea – which runs on Saturdays in Fort Greene, Brooklyn from 10am-5pm.





Big Ups to Lil Lou

June 27, 2009


Can’t believe it will almost be a year since we got him. And that we thought about getting a Wii instead

For more on this little guy, check out his site here.